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Staff & Board

(860) 489-7180

Administration & Operations

Stephanie Fried and Patrick Langevin
Co-Interim Executive Director x1000

Randale Nunley
Director of Operations x1010

John Fitch
Facilities Superintendent x1130

Tessa Barret
Office Manager x1200

Marketing & Development

Lesley Budny
Relationship Director x1020

Kayle Crowley
Development Manager x1030

Maddie Stenson
Marketing Manager x1160

Theresa Palmer
Graphic Designer x1060


Matt Dettmer
Director of Programming x1150

Lucinda Rowe
Production Manager x1210

Renee Purdy
Costume Shop Manager x1190

Dick Terhune
Artistic Director x1220

Woodrow Dick
Technical Director x1080

Dustin Pfaender
House Sound & Production Crew Chief


Eve Wolftrand
Education Director x1100

Molly Wilson
Education Manager x1110

Box Office

Maddie Musselman
Box Office Supervisor x1040

Alex Baez

Kelly Dzioba

Kade Kelly

Anna Shafer

Barrie Soucy

Kelly White


Board of Directors: Executive Committee

Brian Mattiello, Chairman

Lesa Vanotti, Vice Chairman

Hon. Anne Dranginis, Corporate Secretary

Lynne Wilson, Recording Secretary

Vic Muschell, Treasurer

Board Members

  • Gary Arnold
  • Cathy Coyle
  • Travis Lipinski
  • Maura Malo
  • Carol Marine
  • Laura Sok
  • Paul Summers
  • Judith Theeb

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